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Installation Steps
1) Install Java
2) Download DBInspect JAR
3) Double click JAR file
     to start DBInspect

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 DBInspect Screenshots  (Page Last Modified: May 07, 2003)

The database chooser allows to manage all your database connection profiles, and quickly and easily connect to any of your databases.

After executing a query, you will be able to view the query results horizontally,

Or vertically,

DBInspect remembers your previous SQL statements, so you can re-execute them quickly.

You can sort your query results using up to three independent columns.

You can search through your query results for a string or regular expression.

You can filter your query results for a string or regular expression, showing or hiding the matching rows.

You can export the query results to a flat file, choosing which records to export and which field and data delimiters to use.