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Installation Steps
1) Install Java
2) Download DBInspect JAR
3) Double click JAR file
     to start DBInspect

About The Author

 DBInspect Goals  (Page Last Modified: January 05, 2006)

Platform Independence

For many years the "Write once, Run anywhere" promise of Java actually seemed to be one of "Write once, Debug everywhere", mostly due to the lightweight AWT toolkit implementation. But with the introduction of the Java Swing GUI toolkit, it has been possible to develop sophisticated GUI applications that behave identically on any platform with appropriate Java support. DBInspect is just such an application.

Having development tools that function identically across platforms is a very great advantage . Whether working on Linux, Solaris, or Windows desktops, you still have access to DBInspect.

Database Independence

Each database I have run across has it's own command line and graphical utilities for interactively creating and executing SQL statements. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the same tool to interact with all of your databases?

The JDBC API (Java Database Connectivity) allows Java programs to communicate to databases in a database independent manner, and allows for sophisticated access to database and query result set meta data. DBinspect makes extensive use of JDBC to provide it's users a single consistent interface to all databases that have an available JDBC driver.

Ease of Use

Tired of retyping a SQL statement you just executed or tried to execute?
Me too.

DBinspect has multiple facilities that are constantly improving that aid you in writing and executing your SQL statements. From remembering your recent statements, to field and table name tab and auto completion, DBInspect eliminates alot of the drudgery involved with poking around your database or getting that SQL statement just right.


As far as I'm concerned, this tool is completly functional. But there is no question that it has much room for improvement.

An area will soon be available on the site where you can check out all of the proposed outstanding feature requests and bug reports to DBInspect so far, vote for any of them, or add your own feature request or bug report. I'm hoping to add all of my own improvement ideas to this, and then use everyone's ratings to decide which improvement to tackle next. Of course, they will also be weighted by technical difficulty and appropriateness. I'm a great believer in the small sharp tools philosopy of Unix/Linux, and want DBInspect to do one thing, and one thing very well.


DBInspect has become an indispensable development tool for my colleagues and I over the last few years, and I hope it finds a place in your toolbox as well!

 DBInspect Goals
Platform Independence
Database Independence
Ease of Use