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Installation Steps
1) Install Java
2) Download DBInspect JAR
3) Double click JAR file
     to start DBInspect

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 DBInspect Features  (Page Last Modified: June 03, 2010)

Database Browser
The Database Browser allows you to see all your tables in as many schemas/catalogs as you elect to analyze, and for each table show columns, data (with filtering), constraints, and grants.

Statement History
A Statement History browser allows you to see every statement you've ever executed against each of your database connections, and filter/search this information by statement type, table affected, and search string, allowing you to easily pull up past queries.

Database Chooser
The Database Chooser allows you to store your connection settings and options for each of your databases.

The Toolbar gives you quick access to DBInspect's most used features, and can be customized to display in three different ways, or not to display at all.

SQL Text Area
The SQL Textarea is where you compose your SQL statements. SQL statement completion will aid you in writing new queries. Hotkeys and menus will allow to you quickly and easily edit and/or recall previous statements.

Result Table
The Result Table is where the results of any of your database queries are displayed. Your query results be displayed two different ways, horizontally or vertically, and can be sorted, searched, filtered, and exported with ease. You can now also update table data by using DBInspect's new edit in place feature.

Status Bar
The StatusBar gives you helpful visual indicators of DBInspect's current status.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Most of DBInspect's functionality is accessible using keyboard shortcuts. DBInspect should be functional using only the keyboard.

Help Contents
Comprehensive help contents are provide with DBInspect, to help you explore and use all of it's features.