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Installation Steps
1) Install Java
2) Download DBInspect JAR
3) Double click JAR file
     to start DBInspect

About The Author

 DBInspect Updates

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This site serves as the main distribution point and support center for DBInspect.

DBInspect is a graphical database inspection tool that is still under active development and available for free use. It provides a nice environment for writing and executing SQL statements against relational databases, and working with the results, as well as executing SQL scripts.

This tool is written using Java Swing and JDBC, and is portable across many platforms and databases. It will run on any platform that has Java installed, and will connect to any database that has an available JDBC driver. It has been most tested on Linux and Windows platforms, connecting to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases.

I hope you find this tool as useful in your day to day development as I have.
-Alex Blume

Major Features:

  • Statement history browser!
  • Multi schema/catalog table browser with column, data (with filtering), constraints, and grants information!
  • Search, sort, filter, and export your query results!
  • Flowing query results appear as they are retrieved!
  • Provides table & field name completion when writing SQL statements!
  • Display related parent & child records of selected record!
  • Edit in place query result cell editing and find & replace!
  • Add similar records and remove selected records!
  • Seamless display & editing support for multi-line text values!

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